Public Sector Economics
Public Sector Economics is a scientific journal published by the Institute of Public Finance, which seeks theoretical, empirical and policy-oriented contributions analysing the role and functioning of the public sector at macroeconomic, sectoral and microeconomic levels, in both advanced and emerging market economies. The Editorial Board accepts for consideration exclusively previously unpublished scientific papers.
Born in 1976 under the name of Financijska praksa and published in Croatian, it came of age in 1995, when it was renamed Financijska teorija i praksa. From 2005 it was published in both Croatian and in English, and since 2010 has appeared only in English as Financial Theory and Practice. On the journal’s attainment of full maturity, in 2017 the name was changed to Public Sector Economics.

Current issue

Vol. 41    No. 1      (2017)    March, 2017

    Katarina Ott, Dubravko Mihaljek
    Public sector economics – introduction to the inaugural issue

    Debora Revoltella
    EU challenges, investment in the EU and the role of the European Investment Group

    Zrinka Živković Matijević
    Every year the budget story starts all over again – will this one be any different?

    Manica Hauptman
    European economic governance and the 2017 European Semester Cycle

    Zdravko Marić
    Public finance in the Republic of Croatia: current state and outlook

    Hrvoje Arbutina
    In Memoriam: Professor Emeritus Božidar Jelčić

    Rilind Kabashi
    Macroeconomic effects of fiscal policy in the European Union, with particular reference to transition countries

    Martin Beznoska, Tobias Hentze
    Demographic change and income tax revenue in Germany: a microsimulation approach

    Šime Smolić
    The determinants of health among the population aged 50 and over: evidence from Croatia

    Marijana Bađun
    Determinants of disability pensions in Croatia: the role of institutions

    Predrag Bejaković
    Multi-level finance and the Euro crisis - causes and effects

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