Public Sector Economics

Call for papers

Journal Public Sector Economics has issued a call for papers for a new special issue on Inflation and public finances in the 2020s with a submission deadline of 15 March 2023.

Guest editor: Dubravko Mihaljek, Bank for International Settlements

We welcome historical, empirical, theoretical and policy analyses of the effects of inflation on public finances. We would like to understand how inflation interacts with government budgets, how it affects fiscal positions and fiscal policy stance, and what this implies for the policy mix and the public sector in general.

The suggested topics include but are not limited to: 
  • Inflation and public finances in the 1970s and the 2020s; 
  • Effects of inflation on tax revenue: VAT, excises, personal and corporate income taxes, capital gains, real estate and wealth taxes; 
  • Effects on public expenditure: public sector wages, pensions, welfare benefits, government purchases of goods and services, public investment;
  • Energy, food and commodity prices and subsidies in a high inflation environment; 
  • Financial performance of public utilities in an environment of high energy prices and supply shortages: bailouts, price caps, excess profit taxes, net effects on the public sector balance sheet with energy subsidies to households and firms;
  • High inflation and labour markets; indexation of wages, pensions, and welfare benefits; 
  • Tanzi effect; 
  • Impact of inflation on interest rates on government borrowing, debt servicing burden, public debt sustainability; 
  • Monetary and fiscal policy interactions in high inflation environment; implications for other economic policies; 
  • Inflation and local public finances.

Submission of papers: by 15 March 2023
Reply to authors after first round of editorial review: by 1 May 2023
First papers published: by 15 September 2023

Looking forward to your contribution,

Mihaela Bronić (Editor-in-Chief)
Dubravko Mihaljek and Katarina Ott (Co-editors)

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